Canon 70D

During my amazing trip to Iceland my Canon SL1 ceased working even though I valiantly tried to protect it from the elements.  Fortuitously, I was referred to a film company that where I could rent a DSLR instead of having to buy a new camera body there which is prohibitively expensive!  The model I rented was a Canon 6D.  I enjoyed it so much that I decided I needed to invest in a new camera when I got home.  And after taking my SL1 in to a repair shop, I was advised that sending it in for repair would put me decidedly upside down in my investment.

I spent some time researching and knew I was going to stick with Canon.  One of the things I liked about the SL1 was its small body size.  However, I was surprised to find myself really enjoying the 6D I had rented – the bigger size actually made holding the camera steady easier.  So after a week of research, I landed on the 70D.

The things I love about it so far are:

  • WiFi enabled.  I download an app on my phone, connect the two together, and have access to all my DSLR photos on my phone.  Makes it easy to upload to Instagram and other social media.
  • Larger size.  As mentioned, the larger body increases stability while shooting free hand.
  • Many more options than the SL1.
  • The cropped frame size is what I needed for my existing lenses to work.  The 6D was a full frame which meant I had a lot of work to do for post-production.  Ugh.  But I loved the photos.

To get a nice overview, watch this YouTube EOS 70D In-depth Review video by ZY Productions.

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