Standard Packing List

I like to start with this standard packing list and then add to it for each trip. There is a separate standard packing list for international trips.



  • Basics:

    checkbox ID
    checkbox Boarding pass
    checkbox Phone charger

    checkbox Phone car charger

    checkbox Camera

    checkbox Camera charger

    checkbox Phone charging pack unit
    checkbox Laptop

    checkbox Laptop charging cord

    checkbox Ear buds

    checkbox Bose headphones

    checkbox Umbrella

    checkbox Sunglasses

    checkbox Eyeglasses

    checkbox Extra contact lenses

    checkbox Neck pillow

    checkbox Back pillow

    checkbox Slippers

    checkbox Medication

    checkbox Toiletry bag

    checkbox Face wipes

    checkbox Deodorant

    checkbox Toothbrush

    checkbox Toothpaste

    checkbox Hair binders

    checkbox Make-up/make-up brushes

    checkbox Face/body lotion

    checkbox Contact lens solution

    checkbox Contact lens case

    checkbox Shower bag

    checkbox Shampoo

    checkbox Conditioner

    checkbox Body wash

    checkbox Razor

    checkbox Jewelry

  • Clothes:

    checkbox Socks

    checkbox Underwear

    checkbox Bras

    checkbox Pajamas

    checkbox Jeans/pants

    checkbox Tops

    checkbox Dresses

    checkbox Skirt

    checkbox Jacket

    checkbox Belt

    checkbox Shoes