Travel Itinerary

International Travel Itinerary

travel itineraryItineraries are not only helpful in planning out your own travels while abroad, they are also an important safety measure.  While almost all of your planning, tickets, etc., can be done online, you should always have a printed copy of your information with you in case your battery dies, you don’t have a WiFi or cellular signal, something gets lost or stolen, or some other unforeseen circumstance.

Additionally, someone back home should also know your transportation modes and dates, lodging, and general itinerary.  They also need to know how and where to reach you if your mobile phone isn’t working.

Here is a copy of the International Travel Itinerary for Friends and Family I created a few years ago and have used it on every international trip I have taken.  When traveling with others, I typically fill this out and send it to everyone in my travel party as well as my family.