Hello and thanks for visiting my site!

I am so thankful and blessed to have a job that allows me to work remotely pretty much whenever I want.  This gives me the opportunity to explore and wander the world. At the office I’m sometimes referred to as the Chief Vacation Officer – even though I typically work while I’m out traveling.

Some people don’t understand why I like to travel as much as I do.  Let me try to explain.

The meaning of the name Wendy is: wanderer, friend.

I’m a Sagittarius which is a fire sign.  People with this sign are described as explorers, independent, adventurous, travelers, and lucky.

Under the Chinese zodiac, I’m a Tiger. Tigers are said to be independent, adventurers, travelers, and confident.

Native American zodiac indicate I am an Owl.  Independent, adventurer, traveler, fire.

Soul Urge is #5 which says: deep desire for travel and adventure.

So basically, I was born to wander!

On this site, I share some of my experiences, ideas, and tips about my wanderings for those who also have a lifelong wanderlust affliction.

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